Flow of admission

"Green GYM is a complete membership based sports club. We allow visits and trials before admission, so feel free to consult us.
After filling-in the necessary documents, you can start using the whole facility such as the sports GYM and simulation golf etc. on that day itself."

Visits and trials→Admission Procedure→Completion of registration

  • ・One visit is allowed per person.
  • ・The admission procedure will be done at the reception counter on 1st floor. Please bring your personal identification such as driver's license or health insurance card etc. with you. You will also need your seal and account number for transferring the membership fee.
  • ・We offer account transferring services such as Pay-easy. You can use your cash card for transferring instead of filling in the forms needed for account transfer. (There are some banks which do not accept it)

Visits and trials

You will need reservations for visiting and trials at Green GYM. Trials are not possible some times so, please contact us.

Inquiries regarding visits

Inquiries by telephone 03-5549-6301 Inquiries by e-mail

Please call us during business hours for telephone inquiry. (Weekdays 6:30a.m.~10:30p.m., Saturdays 10a.m.~9p.m. Sundays & holidays 10a.m. ~ 7p.m.) If you would like to have an inquiry through e-mail, please specify your name, preferred date and time for the visit, and your telephone number
We do not accept subscription through telephone or e-mail. You will first need to visit us.